Renewable policy » 07.03.2011

Charges of corruption in emissions trading

A report in German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung over the weekend says that international banks have found ways of gaming emissions trading. The damage is said to be around 850 million euros. read more »

Yes, we have no base load

In the last installment, we saw that solar and wind power may soon be able to cover more than 100 percent of Germany's power demand in less than a decade. And we saw why that's a problem – the bad news is the grid and our power production structures are not ready. read more »

Bill Gates doesn't get it

Over the past year, philanthropist Bill Gates has been vocal about his ideas of on the future of our energy supply. Unfortunately, his prominence makes people take him seriously. read more »

FITs no more? Craig Morris

FITs no more?

There is a consensus that grid parity will mean no policy will be needed to support photovoltaics -- people will simply install solar panels because solar power we will be cheaper than power from the grid. But problems will occur in the process. read more »

Grid parity – who cares? Craig Morris

Grid parity – who cares?

The Holy Grail of photovoltaics is grid parity. Why? read more »

Own consumption 2010 – all fixed up?

While everyone was focused on the reduction in rates paid for solar power in Germany's revised policy, the change in "own consumption" is probably more significant. read more »

Germany's "own consumption" in 2009

In 2009, Germany introduced "own consumption" as a new kind of solar policy that, for the first time, takes account of demand management to a certain extent. read more »

The future of German FITs

How Germany is tweaking its feed-in tariffs in preparation for grid parity. read more »